Tuesday, 31 January 2017

lowood and surrounds jan, feb challenge

Im  not one   for writing a  lot of words  on a layout  so when i saw this challenge,  i  thought,  well,  i may not do this one   i can not think of how to work   these  into a layout .
the challenge is open  til 28th feb
the words are  FAMILY , LOVE   FRIENDSHIP.

it wasn't til , i received some sad news of a scrapbooking friend that  had passed away,
  at our last camp at springbrook,  lynlee, said  you  have the most amazing adventures , i was just wondering when are you going on your next  retreat and where, so  my friend  and  i told Lynlee, that we  were planning on going to   Gladstone in february, 2017 and linked her to the site,
we have been chatting to  each other  since  the camp in October  last  year,  and getting excited as the date is getting closer,  then  she pm  us  and said that  her operation  that she was to have  in December  was cancelled, so dont know when it  will be, Lynlee  then  wrote another  one  after Christmas and said that her operation was going to be  2 weeks before  our trip and  now   she wont be able to  go ,as she wont be  up to  walking very good ,   so i cancelled   the trip as well
i also   have now changed my travel plans,
Lynlee , wrote to  me after the op  a few days ago, and said that  she thinks she will be in hospital    longer than a week, but   not in my wildest  dreams did i  think i would see on facebook, that  she   had complications and passed away,
it was  last night,  while thinking of her, that the words  came into  my head,   family . love and friendship,  and so my layout began this morning.
Even though,  Lynlee was not truly family,  she belonged to the scrapbooking carmaking world,  
so  on the layout i have worded ,

 Even though Lynlee  was not True Family,  we  in the scrapping world  thought of her as Family,
The Love  we all share and the Friendships we all have  just by knowing her, will leave  her footprints in our hearts forever,  a sad end for a beautiful lady.
the layout is in memory of  Lynlee,   may she rest  in peace.  and we never forget  her .
Lynlee loved purple,

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  1. Oh no I am sorry to read of your sad loss of your dear Friend I am sure it has been a terrible shock to you... Your layout is lovely and a beautiful tribute to your friend... and yes the scrapbooking community is like a great big family...