Tuesday, 30 June 2015

kraft plus june challenge

thanks Sandra for this great challenge, this was my first  double layout, that i created for this challenge, then i went to the craft show in Brisbane and decided on doing my friends in jungle  clothes.  now  nearly cut off time, i best just type  quickly

i have used my circle cutting dies and have cut out  some of my photos as well as  material and patterned paper to create this layout,  and the  giraffes were bought at the craft show and cut out,

looking forward to tomorrows challenge a new month to start again .

Thursday, 18 June 2015

White with One June Challenge

June here already, well, its almost half way though, Thanks  white with one, for this awesome challenge and of course,,  its my favourite colour, any sort of blue, i love and really enjoy playing with items that i have bought  in this colour,

last year, i drove to the gold coast for a class, and of course,  there was a pack of blue items some bling, metal roses, and all this this gorgeous colour, of course i had to buy them from  Tracy at my 2 Angels, Tracy  does mostly charms, and they are so lovely , its really  hard to pick  sometimes, but being blue, its easy for me.

Starting with  my white cardstock,  i looked for some lace that i bought at a show , of course, its just the right colour again, funny that. and thought ,which way, up or  sideways, umm, well ,get all the other items on the page then decide.
While sorting out my room for a upcoming market day, at the end of the month,  i came across this blue paper, i cut it into 4   pieces and used both sides,  then i   I  placed Crayola Pip Squeaks washable markers  onto the edge and sprayed  just the edge with water and started to roll it after it had soaked in a bit, ( the rolling effect  i was taught by the lovely Trina McClure)  i have done this technique before, but needed reminding again, so things you learn and maybe you don't like that the first time &  i forget, &  then its nice the next time you try it , The markers and the water, make the colour run into the paper,  you will also notice with pictures below, that i have done this to my flowers, they were a baby blue in colour, which again, i love, but not for this challenge ,so it has to be the right colour.

    so lace in place, papers are dry with the fan, ( brrr hurry and dry ) my foam lace down the middle. now the fun part, with the pens,
it doesnt matter if you dont have a steady hand as  people are not going to see  much of it, when the flower is finished, just a pretty flower.

now the water,

carefully, while wet, crunch them up, this time i used my heat gun, as i was also getting cold from the fan being on in winter, & it  dries much quicker, on the baby flowers i also added the markers, but did not wet them, now we are ready to assemble

isn't this lovely, i have placed 5 on top of each other. and then placed those tiny flowers in the centre to give it extra depth.
now i need something else, im losing my white card stock, what to use, ok, here is my stash is blue cardstock, now, i have some white rub ons, maybe this could work, maybe swirls, nah, must have used them , unable to find, i would not have got rid of them , another must have in my stash. oh well, flowers it is, but then again, i do like that swirl on the corner but its too big, cut it up and make it fit, Thats it. wheres the photo 
Now to add those little blue metal roses, They were in the pack from my 2 angels, i will have to get more of them , they are great . 

assemble the flowers and add some ribbon, that was in  the class from Trina  last week, no i dont need to iron it, it  looks good crinkled. 
dont you love those clear  embellishments, another item from Trinas class, just adds a bit of sparkle.

Of course we have to add a title, so i remember where the photos was taken, These are from Kaiser, 
i was at this years Craft  show in Brisbane, 
So now, Here is my layout. 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Kraft Plus June Challenge

Thanks very much for this great challenge,

I first created a double layout for this challenge, and I really loved it and still do, but I can only enter one layout,
Then i went to the craft show here in Brisbane, long weekend,  this, made me change my mind as to my layout to enter and thought i would make it a fun layout.

At Craft Giraffe stall, they had a photo  shoot area, where  you put on faces &  people from the craft store were dressed up of course, i got into the act in one of the photos, not  that you would recognize  me, im in the giraffe head.

Some of my other friends got into the spirit, when i asked them can i put their photo in a challenge and they all agreed, i really do hope they, like what i did

i have circle dies, that i bought from craft on line a few years ago, i haven't used much of them in the last year and was thinking of selling them, but now have  thought about it and am going to keep them for a bit longer,
After die cutting all the circles, i then got my journalling pen and drew around the outside of the circles,
some if the embellishments are from Stickers & Craft and are fabric reform sticker sheets,  I had to cut these out by hand, as they would not cut though the machine,  these can be seen in the tiger, giraffe and leopard  in the circles. &  feel , like the real fur of that animals
Some of the papers are the New Kaiser range,  into the jungle, collection and some  jungle fun is from the collectables,
so the themes is jungle and circles, here is my version.
thanks again Kraft plus for this challenge, i had fun with this  today. .