Friday, 30 January 2015

Artaste January Challenge

Thanks  Artaste for this Challenge,

At first I saw the bricks  and thought, i have lots of papers with bricks,  this should be easy, but then i thought about the photos of the boys, that threw me as i dont have any kids dressed up like that,
I was talking to a friend who also does challenge  and she mentioned what about wall art, yes, i have photos of this i though, so out came the photos, but of course it was either too busy together or the wrong  colours,

So by the 28th january, i thought, that i was defeated, i said to myself, i wont do this one, leave it,

on the 29th january, i decided to go though some of my unfinished layouts and try and finish them , why  did i not finish them. and out fell 3 photos  i picked them up off the floor and thought, Artaste challenge, it has all the right colours, even the photos were already matted, so  then ideas started to flow

I started with the painting of the bricks, using Liquitex modelling paste i then got out Mont marte pastel Gliders ( i dont know why they are called pastel, as none of the colours are pastel )  i rubbed the colours required on my finger and spread it over the bricks, have you tried these they are great to use, so many uses,
you can use it neat use a blending tool for blending the colours and spray some water on a clear block and add it and mix and you have water colours,

With the title, i used the modelling paste again ,then blotted on   different colours and blended them together for a mottled

look, then applied glossy accents on top
 Thanks again Artaste, looking forward to seeing next weeks challenge and doing it after i come back from holidays

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Pixels and Paper January Challenge.

Thanks pixels and paper for this lovely challenge, using colours hot pink, purple, lime green, blues and whites, i instantly knew the papers from kaszazz that I was going to use, although you might not reckonise it now that i have cut it up, I have also used Kaiser Sandy Toes at the bottom of the page and some water patterned paper
 i love making beach themes, as my hubby and i often go  to the same place for our getaway
so i have lots of photos of this area,

I have stamped a couple  of  little houses at the bottom of the page in green and blue
and using some  fawn string, putting a bit of Viva Inka gold between my fingers pulled the string though to get a motted look on the string

I have cut out a pair of bikinis, thongs, broad shorts and sunglasses in all the right colours.
With the sand, its real, form Brunswick heads beach and with a dash of dimensional magic sprinkled over the bottom of the page.
I  have used some gauze and  patterned string  embellishment and laid it across the page and added small shells

Sunday, 18 January 2015

jody urquharts january sketch

With this layout you can choose any colours, the sketch just gives you ideas of how many different papers there are,  I turned  the sketch as i had a portrait photo, but kept the hearts at the side.
Here i have used kaiser Happy Snaps for my layered background papers, and when i went to a craft show about 3 years ago, i saw this lace flowers and knew that it would go well with my dress that my mum put on the sleeves all those years ago, so the dress would not be so plain.

so decided that it was time that i put them in use.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

1.2.3. challenge

the One Two Three January  Challenge is the colour is lemon,  the word is appreciate and the technique is folding,
the colour is something that i dont use much of, so thinking of what i wanted in this layout was something to be thought about, i have project life, but haven't done anything with them as yet, but noticed that there were some yellow pieces in  my stash, so adding a little black to the back of them , really made them pop. the word appreciate, my mind went  wandering with this, what could i appreciate or who, but decided on this orchid, that has won us a champion in our orchid show,  and the technique is folding, what could i fold, doilies to make flowers, or maybe washi tape, this could work, so i have used both, I have  cut a small doily ( paper one) and folded it and then  rejoined it to make a flower, added a button and felt butterfly, then with the washi tape, folded it in half, ( i put strong tape on here ,to hold it all together , i know you dont have to do this, ) and have folded it around starting with a quilling tool to  hold it while i fold it over to make it into a flower, like a rose, i also have made a rosette, first punching the border with fiskers punch and then spraying it with dylsions yellow sprays and glueing to lace folded  and adding yellow ribbon to look like a prize ribbon.
   i have added some paper flowers on top of each other for a raised effect and also the photo. and have used spellbinders impressabilities  as a stencil, its really and emboss and deboss, so i went and washed it straight away, i love the swirly  effect it gives i have also added some green leaves to break  the colour up.
and some swirls.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

white with one january challenge

White with 1 and Sketchabilities - January
This month White with1 and Sketchabilities have teamed up...   What an lovely  colour "Placid Blue. so calming the colour,  last night, seeing as i now have this new cupboard to put all my things in to get to easy, I thought it would be fitting to use the cupboard as my photo. as it is   white with one colour blue trimmings.

 Seeing as this year, im going to be trying new things, I noticed at Riot a petite stencil in the shape of leaves,  go though my stash I went and mixing Liquitex Modelling paste to blue Perfect pearls made just the right colour,  once mixed, I also  found Kaiser Coastal Blue the closest to the colour that is required. and placed some on the doily, Then put some more into a spray bottle & added water, so i could make the paint run, ( this is a new technique for me. im usually neat, but this is a new year, its time for change.  its growing on me, i quite like the effect now its finished. some of the papers are from samples from Bunnings in the paint dept, ( what a better way to find the right colour you require)and others from my stash to make cards, I better not tell to many people, everyone will be raiding the paint shops for colours ) The flowers are from tjs scrapping with Style. these flowers just happened to be on the desk, just perfect i thought  so here is my layout.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Sketchy Boards January Challenge

This is my first  Design team challenge layout for 2015 for Sketchy Boards.
with this challenge, ( yes, its blue) so im going to have fun with this one, We have a colour and sketch to go by. the sketch has 4 photos in it, but as my photos were a little big, i only put 3 and added a shell to the bottom
In this Layout, I  have used the new Kaiser Collection called Sandy Toes, very appropriate for my photos, i feel,  I have got some bubble wrap and put some paints on it, and have blotted it over the page,  i have torn the paper as this is in the sketch, ( something i dont usually do ) but this year is for changes.  When i was on holidays I  picked up some sand off the beach and put it into a bag and thought at the time, that maybe i will add it to a layout, so here it is , i have just put pva or clear glue to the page and sprinkled the sand over the top, I have also painted the words sand in my toes and while still wet, dipped it into the sand.  i found the shells at a scrapbooking store  and have lots more shells to put on other layouts. the toes are stickers that i have had for years, when stickers were all a rage,
I have distressed the edges ( something else new this year) of my papers &  photos  & have put gesso on around the photos.

Close to my Heart January Challenge

This is Close to my Heart January Challenge. it has  a sketch to go by, using 2 photos. Here i have used Kaiser Christmas Carol paper collection P1291  ( this was out in September 2013 ) and with my trusty cricut machine have cut our the poinsettias flowers and leaves, and popped  them up and added glossy accents top   of the flowers, the other flower is a sticker and have just added leaves to it also.
this is my family  held at our home at Christmas 2014,

As a new year ,begins in 2115,  so do my challenges, I wait excitedly for  challenge sites  to come online, What adventures will they lead me into this year, im wondering seeing as it is summer here in Brisbane,  the challenge sites will have beach themes, summer fun.  sketches with lots of photos instead of just one,  this is going to be a fun year,
It seems funny to be saying last year (2014) i started off with only 2 challenges a month and by august my friend and i were up to 25 on average, this year, I have decided, that i have done that and am going to slow down a bit and only do around 7 or 8. as i have some exciting news to tell you

I am on the design team for Sketchy Boards for  6 months  and would like to put a bit more effort into my layouts, You may see changes this year as , i am going to be trying new techniques  when im able to. so this may take me longer to work out  and I just dont want to be rushing though, them and  not enjoy the process.

Also, i have been remodeling my craft room which is taking a bit longer than I thought, as at Christmas time i  got allergies and still have a few problems, but am getting them worked out now, i will be pleased when the room is  finished,   at least i have a new cupboard in the room to hold all my glues and new toys to play with ( sprays/distress inks to name a few.) so in any spare time i have is sorting though my numerous paper collection, which i hope I can use on challenges this year. i  wonder what colours they will give me to play with. first ?   maybe blues ?  ? ?? ? my favourite colour, it reminds me of times at the beach when i was a child,

I hope you have fun doing challenges with me.