Wednesday, 28 June 2017

#idjunechallenge @imaginariumdesignschipboard

Imaginarium  Designs June Challenge
 what  a bright colourful   challenge this month,  i love it   #idjunechallenge @imaginariumdesignschipboard

an  interesting  challenge to try this  month, with using   chipboards as my main focus.
products used,
Imaginarium  Designs   chipboards  cousin &  frame ( cut )

 Born Pretty               Powders  pink,  and blue  added
Pattern papers           Close to my Heart.  -  Happy Times
Card stock                 orange
Distress inks              Salty Ocean
                                  Carved Pumpkin
                                   Picked Raspberry
A Mothers Art           butterflies Yellow
The Craft Stall    -     enamel dots
                                   cardstock  die cuts
                                   flower embellishments  hot pink flower
Embossing folders      ossie  dots  craft concepts
                                    flowers   cuttlebug
                                        chain wire              
Kaiser                           wooden flourish
                                    Classic  Rhinestone    Champagne  flourish
Auzz Trinkets                flowers
Blooms and lace           orange  flowers
Mont Monte                  textured flowers
scrap booker

As you can see, i  just love flowers,  i  always think im going to do a boys page but i  never  get to do them , with my abundance of flowers  at hand .

 i had fun doing this, thank you
 until next time,

Friday, 23 June 2017

scrap our stash june challenge

Scrap our Stash  june challenge

love the  June sketch and word  challenge

i think every month, im going to cut down on my challenges, and here i am  i saw  yours last night, and  that Adrenalin rush comes back. I  was never  into  words  before 3 years ago, then  got into a challenge and can not wait for the new word to come each month.
so, here i am again with a new  challenge  for june , with the word-  summer but  unlike to use the word,  use things out of my stash with the letters      S U M M E R
so many things came to mind, that i have in my cupboards,   for  the  letter S,  i could do so much with this letter,

S. is for  sequins, seahorse ( collectables) sea shells ( chipboards  ) sea gulls, string and   papers - Sea Breeze     ( Kaiser)     & i have added all                                                                                                    these to my  page.                                                                                                                           U is for  Utopia   Rub ons  from Kaiser
                                                                                  M  is for Magical   mist  & micro powders            M is for memories word
E is for Eyelet
R is for ribbon

with my sea shell,  sea horse, sea gulls,  i have used  my  magical  powders and  micro powders. i love this new product  that i have bought recently.

I have turned my layout around to suit my  photos

thanks for this great challenge,

Thursday, 22 June 2017

a2z scraplets june challenge

A2Z June Challenge

used  a2z  chipboard

blue  Kaiser cardstock,
hot pink      cardstock
Cocoa Vanilla  Make a Wish,  Fresh Cut  patterned papers ( a shock to my friends who  know i only use Kaiser  products)
Kaiser  Secret Admirer
Kaiser Tea Party
Kaiser  Tropical Punch
Born Pretty  powders from Sharon Pick
A Mothers Art  hot pink butterflies,
ive been having a  senior moments of late, maybe  my brain needs some time off  challenges LOL
i have other challenges i  like to do,  but  think i will leave it and go sort my room, maybe   my brain is too  cluttered to think, but then, i have been doing online challenges for 3 years now, i might get withdrawal symptoms if i stop now.

  so today, i  resorted to a sketch,  i bought the book in  November,  2013 you know,  you put it away, amongst  other  stuff    and never find it again , then  find  some 4 years later  among your  xmas cards .today? ? ?  L OL  about time i used some of the sketches out of it ,   by  Allison , Davis

 i have   used the above  papers &  matted them  all  with hot pink card stock ,( which wasn't on the sketch )
my  chipboard is  A@Zs   Love you,  here i have put black gesso  on, let dry,  then i have these little tubs of powders, which i  just love,  i then  dab a bit of special  medium with paint brush ,and dip into the powders, they dry so quick, with in minutes ,  its my  all time favourite  at the moment,  i add them to most things  now,  as they are close  to table , and i can see them .

 well,  may see you next month,  see  how i go

hope you like my layout , i had fun as usual.  until next time

Sunday, 18 June 2017

123 June challenge

white gives the impression of  pure &  clean  and a clean layout is just the ticket for today's play.

I  just love bling,  i have it in every colour ,one could image with different flourishes, flowers, alphabets, strings,  i dont think i would ever run out  in my overflowing  drawer,

 ingredients i used  today are :-
Using  white Kaiser  smooth  cardstock
a Delish  flower,
net flower is from  TJs scrapping with style
blue and pink  flowers are from  Neha at Auzz Trinkets
Crystal Stickers
Value  Craft  Flowers
Kasz  bracket and borders  and fancy flourish sticky  bling, 
lace is from a cheap shop, 

              white heart is from   when i did  5 minute  challenge at the craft show in Brisbane recently, i had to use everything in the box,  but i loved the heart, so i  only stuck it down a bit , so  that i could use it  at a later time   ( no i didn't win, but it was an fun  experience)   I have added some  baby  pink paper  to the back of the heart 
               the stencil  hearts are also created  using the  Born Pretty powders. which shows a different effect from  the black gesso, ( it is suggested to add these powders to anything black  for the full effect) and gives a great shine

with my  word love, i have changed the colour,  (  see pic) to pink and blue, this is a new  technique for me, and just love it , its called  born pretty   powders.  so i have  coloured my love word in black gesso   and let it dry over night,  today comes the fun part,  paint brush,  special   medium and  pink and blue  powders  paint them on , so easy and so quick to dry. 
i bought these  little powders from  Mirrabooka scrapbooking, owner;-   Sharon Pick


after alteration 


love and bling words

my mum  loves  hot chocolate  drink, so when i saw  it come out  all in white , on a white tray,   at shingle inn, well i just had to take the photo,  of course, mum asks, why are you taking photos of  that for , ? ?   well,  im always have camera  in my bag , just ready for photo moments

 I  had fun,     thanks for the   challenge, until next month,  have a great day ,

Thursday, 15 June 2017

white with 1 june challenge

White with 1
great sketch, thanks very much, love  ones with more than one photo on the page ,

i received a mystery pack for the month &  thought, what a pretty colour,
                                               Teal Sequins, 
 i have used a lot out of the mystery pack  - butterfly, doily, flowers,  lace,   chiffon and  other material, beads  & bling
so with my   chiffon  material, i have  used a stencil with gesso.  then  dried it with my heat gun, as im impatient and  like things to  be done ,not have to wait a day for things to dry. 

i have then  placed ,the thicker  material under it to create another dimension 
in my stash, i have been sorting out ( which seems never ending)  came across some more  butterflies and  journalling tags,  
I have used a  small amount of  Kaiser  Base coat 4  and some washi tape .and found a  moulded white flower  & glued the beads to the middle with glossy accents

thanks for great challenge, cannot wait til next month to see what great colour  you have for us