Thursday, 30 March 2017

a2z scraplets march challenge

hoping all are safe with family and friends  with   ex cyclone   Debbie,

my family had appointments for Thursday and Friday (  me the driver )  but with  ex Debbie, looming over the south east qld,  hospitals and drs rang  me today to cancel and reschedule , yaa , two  free days to scrap
my  chipboard is  a2z LOVE,  here i have  got my texture paste and  lindys stamp gang, magicals on  I was thinking of using a new product, but its still in customs, so there went that idea, theres always  next month to play with new  stuff,  i have 3 orders coming from different places so looking forward to playing with them all
after  putting on the  texture mixture, i felt it didn't have enough  shimmer  for me,  so i then
got my water brush and with the  magical s again ,  dipped into and added over the top

well  best get off here  now and see what  next i can  do

thanks for visiting  until next time

Thursday, 23 March 2017

1 2 3 March Challenge

 1 2  3  March  Challenge.
Interesting colour this month,
word  -  fun
technique is  borders, are around  my photos , edges and  matting

my  colour  photo  looks black but in fact it is brown  paper.

my layout is called Messy FUN
today i have  used  Kaiser Coffee Bean CD 108  cardstock,  as my base,
 Bazzill  blue cardstock strips  cut & places  around the edges.

I recently bought some heartfelt creations dies  & have been wanting to  get into them to use ,  so today's the day. these dies are    from  the Cut, Mat ,Create   range an now i have used them , i will be using more  of them, they are so easy , i hate spending time  on taking out the bits that dont come out, they dont get used  if i waste my tiem  donig this ,and with heartfelt,  this is so good .
i have used ,  Kaiser papers from Loire Valley  Iris  LV 124, this was a kit, but  am starting to use up papers out of them just to use them up ive had this since 2008,  funny , it just had the right  blue  and brown in it ,  i will use the rest of the kit on  something else, i guess .  ( they have red on the papers  so will have to wait for a red challenge  or just   create the rest of the layout into something and wait for photos   ) Lol
 The  lacy corners  are from the heartfelt  dies, ( same brand as above,) used  cream cardstock  scraps

the  Messy  Fun is from  Kaszazz chipboards, here i have applied gesso  over them and while still wet have  pushed my mini circle dots over it  to create  a different  effect.
I have used the stencil, from  TCW  rebekah meter Designs for the  word  - time

also  on the background of my page , i have applied the gesso and while wet, sprayed Kaiser denim and yellow sprays over it though the stencil &   wiped my finger over it to  blend together
the  brown  butterflies , are from A Mothers Art in Casino, new south wales
the flowers  are from my stash.

thanks for looking .
until next time

Saturday, 11 March 2017

 hi my fellow followers

i know its been awhile since ive written on here , usually its just challenges i post on here , but today just thought , i would write something .
so  after being away for 2 weeks , a first  as we only ever  go away for  6 -7 days  at the most,  i came home with enthusiasm with lots of beachy photos to  create layouts,

on the 1st of every month, i  get excited about  doing the months challenges, print out  sketches,& colour palettes,  that are required and photos , yes ,there is a lot ,  and i usually do  most  of them. in one month, so i just do the ones that  have blogs on here &  last year,  you would have been sick of seeing two hundred and twenty two layouts on here  you would have unfriended me LOl  so only put up ones that have  some  blogs, not the 216 challenge, which is  more of inspiration  challenge to see how many  you can get done in one year .
so then  my next thing to do is to go down to Kaiser and browse  the  paper racks,  ,yes,  i have lots at  home  ( enough for a shop  ) ,but  most times, i just like to look though theirs in a  orderly fashion and then decide
, yes i have that paper at home or no, i need to buy this paper for this challenge, and collect the new ranges   near the start of the month, with  magazines,  and to chat to the wonderful ladies at Kaiser of course an extra bonus.

but  as Kaiser closed for good on the 4th march,  i haven't felt like doing any now,  i haven't got that , feeling  oh i have those papers, i will go home tonight and create,maybe  feeling .am i in a lull,  maybe my challenge  days are over,  i hope not ,  but maybe i just need to  take a seat back and do   something else  ??

I dont know ,if doing 222  layouts last year  has also dampened my spirits,  although , this year, i dont have to do 217  in the challenge,  im only up to 21  at the moment  a far cry from last years count.

last year , i was at the craft alive show here in logan, and saw a beautiful mini album,  by sandy Rufus with heartfelt creations, papers, so i bought an album  with  papers, and thought  my mum is turning 85 this year, i will  make her a  mini album, well,  i have a operation ( eye)  coming up soon and i really want to get  it started , but what if i  make a mess of it,  then  it will be ruined, so  i got this brainy idea   on saturday night, why dont i  do one for me,  i haven't found all the right pics for mum yet,

so here is my front page

 now to  go and find all my photos   that i have  had had taken over the years  of  Halloween. i may get back to   challenges, maybe i just need a break. for a few weeks,   after doing a few pages here  in mini style, i may get my mojo back  before the end of the month,

i suppose it wont kill me not to do challenges, but it  keeps me   sane LOl  and  now that i have bought all these papers from Kaiser  i best start  using them, maybe cause i bought so many before they closed, that im overwhelmed with them all  now finding a place to put them.

i may have to   sort them again and see what papers i will really use,  kit them up and then use them that way and whats left sell at another  garage day sale., i still have over 400  that  a lady was going to buy off me  2 years ago but fell though,  that was  though online,  im a bit   not so sure now to go that way again.  but will see  how i go.

thanks for listening,