Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Pixels and Paper november Challenge

NOVEMBER inspiration Here is Novembers challenge, using these colours of the picture, for me, these are not colours I use, muted reds and greens,  but then it  would not be a challenge, if we only used our favourite colours,  . it also has  a recipe, this gets things I may not think of out of my cupboard, without going down to the shop, cause its easier, so the recipe is to use gold, 3 patterned papers, some bling and something more than a year old and a  animal ,well, I think i have done pretty good on all these sections.

For a change, i have not used any card stock on my layout,  just patterned papers, I'm using  Kaiser Belle Paper Collection which was brought out in 2009, issue, ( I knew that  would be some use for it one day ) I have used 4 patterned papers on my layout,
Animal -  here i have used my photos of reindeer's, which i have been wanting to do  for years
 The bling is the reindeer's eyes and across the bottom above the scalloped edge ( also Kaiser ), 
 The gold - I have used is to tie the reindeer's together using gold sticker borders strips and of course a gold ribbon in top left hand corner. the trees are Kaiser chipboard trees, A nice effect to the layout.
 And something that is more than a year old, well almost everything is more than a year old, even the photos.  the only item that is new is the gold ribbon .

Sunday, 23 November 2014

White With 1 November Challenge

thanks white with one, this is a lovely bright colour to play with. I  had so much fun,
first i got a heart sheet and placed it on the yellow card stock, its funny, how you start off with one idea, then think, i could use that heart page again, if i only use it like a stencil, I then got out my new ebossing folders and  machine and embossed a sheet of white card stock, it wasn't til this morning, that i remembered that I bought some yellow Gelatos  lemon Double Scoop, that  i bought at a retreat in July  and decided to place that over the embossed sheet and a bit on the flowers,  not really sure i have used it the right way, but it does make the page pop. just the same.  Thanks again .

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Artaste November Challenge

At the beginning of the month, i got all my bits and pieces,  all  bagged up, so be ready for when I was to start,  then I  found a chicken stamp, so  this morning, thought i would stamp the page, the chicken stamp  was no where to be found, so i started to doodle instead, when I went to get the photo, I was more calm and there in the photos was the chicken stamp.  so now when im getting stressed, i will doodle and keep calm. Thank you for this challenge, Artaste. I really enjoyed Doodling with the words in this layout.

Scrapbook Online Supplies November Sketch Challenge

Monday, 17 November 2014

yesterday, I created these cute little tags for my raks, (  random act of kindness,) a group, that im in, that when you feel like sending someone a random act of kindness,  ( a small gift)  and in  return, someone sends you something, i have decided to make  these tags as well as a small present for my Christmas rak. I made 15 yesterday.  now to get the presents  made. that will be another day, for tonight, im thinking of another layout.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

i have been away on holidays, for the past week, so hopefully Monday, 17th November, I  Will get back into my challenges, thanks for looking into my blog