Saturday, 3 January 2015

As a new year ,begins in 2115,  so do my challenges, I wait excitedly for  challenge sites  to come online, What adventures will they lead me into this year, im wondering seeing as it is summer here in Brisbane,  the challenge sites will have beach themes, summer fun.  sketches with lots of photos instead of just one,  this is going to be a fun year,
It seems funny to be saying last year (2014) i started off with only 2 challenges a month and by august my friend and i were up to 25 on average, this year, I have decided, that i have done that and am going to slow down a bit and only do around 7 or 8. as i have some exciting news to tell you

I am on the design team for Sketchy Boards for  6 months  and would like to put a bit more effort into my layouts, You may see changes this year as , i am going to be trying new techniques  when im able to. so this may take me longer to work out  and I just dont want to be rushing though, them and  not enjoy the process.

Also, i have been remodeling my craft room which is taking a bit longer than I thought, as at Christmas time i  got allergies and still have a few problems, but am getting them worked out now, i will be pleased when the room is  finished,   at least i have a new cupboard in the room to hold all my glues and new toys to play with ( sprays/distress inks to name a few.) so in any spare time i have is sorting though my numerous paper collection, which i hope I can use on challenges this year. i  wonder what colours they will give me to play with. first ?   maybe blues ?  ? ?? ? my favourite colour, it reminds me of times at the beach when i was a child,

I hope you have fun doing challenges with me.

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