Wednesday, 16 September 2015

so here we are ,  the middle of the month and i haven't posted any challenges up as yet,

i have done one, which i did at a recent camp, last weekend,  but i would like to add more to it, before posting it  up, all my other challenges, that i would like to do are bagged up, ready to go, they went up to Mt  Tamborine for the camp, but somehow, i  was really enjoying myself, meeting new people,  doing some classes, as well, as   having facials, foot massages and of course, taking photos, and of course the wonderful food that   they feed us,   all the bags came home  undone,  i did do some layouts, but they  were not challenges, and still need titles on them to finish.

I also had a table selling some of my over flowing stash,  so now back to my usual normality of getting something done, hopefully next  week,  after i finish unpacking  and putting stuff away again,

thanks for catching up , hopefully  next week ,i will have  layout up for all to see.
good inght

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