Sunday, 5 July 2015

paper craft addicts card challenge

 thanks paper craft  for this challenge

I love anything that's a bit different, and love pop up layouts and cards, at a recent  show, i saw these pop up cards and thought, well, that would be different,

 so today, i made it for the challenge, after  a few boo boos,  like cutting   the size without really thinking at first which was  the flowers are going to look on the card , pasted it down, then realized the flowers  and leaves were all upside down,  and i went and stuck them down with that nice  red sticky tape, didn't in.
i know i have a few flaws in it, but i know my mum wont mind and wont know, if i don't say anything. she just loves anything, i  hand make. her birthday is tomorrow, the same days as the Story Bridges turns 75,

 mum told me that she remembers when the bridge opened in Brisbane, my  mum is 8 years older,
anyway,   better stop chatting

my version of this months challenge of different folds on a card

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