Friday, 22 December 2017

kelly anns december challenges

Hi  everyone,
 well  christmas is almost  upon us,  i will go buy stuff tomorrow ,we dont eat much at our household, so no christmas tree  or  any decorations have gone up this year , a first for  me    so only chicken, potato salad and   bread rolls this year, for us,
we are going to my sisters place on  the north side of town about an hour and 10 minute away.

as you may have noticed i havent been on  of late ,i bought a new  smart phone last month and am only catching up  with it  now, with all the bells and whistles , and today just found out how to  turn off my emails  yaa, but  of course while everything was on , it has been chewing up  my data. hopefully,  i have turned everything off and it will stay off  as i dont need over 200.00 bills every month,  of course some of it  for a technication     to come out and fix our home line, which was the whole street,  which the  phone still does not work after 2 days , so have now disconnected it
so i have had no data for  over  15 days , i wonder  how i survived before 2003  without internet, maybe cause i worked   8 - 10 hours a day and didnt own a computer  or  internet,  but  the last 15 day seem to be endless without chatting to my friends
the last  week i have been going down to the library,   nice and quite and cool there , 
my family member has seen that my bill is going to be  over $200   this month,    its a long story, so wont bore you with it ,
so ,  in the meantime,  i have created   4 of  kelly anns sketches  out of the 5  so far ,
I have been trying to clean up  my room with no success  as i  find things and think ,i can use that on , so now have been putting them into bags writing for next album or  for making of next years  christmas   cards
i am hoping that i  will find the floor before new year, i say that every year,  but  really i have to  get  onto it  on boxing day,
its amazing what you find in the drawers that you havent been  to for  a year, i found a present for my friend that i wrote on , give to liz  2015 then  crossed out 2016 crossed  out and here 2017 i will make sure she gets it in 2018. lol then i wil lhave more room in the drawer LOL

so  here are   kellys sketches,  thanks to  kym c for  creating the sketches for the   last  year, i have had fun  creating  layouts and getting some more of my  new zealand  photos  into the album

Merry Christmas  to you all 
 and a  Happy New Year

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