Tuesday, 24 October 2017

kelly anns challenge for retreat

 hi all ,
i know i haven't done any challenges this month,   i thought at the beginning, that i would wait til  after  kelly anns  retreat to  get started,  so  did not do any layouts for 13 days, til camp,
i went to the retreat ,which wa great only problem , Rain, and humidity, does not go well with my sinuses and rain it did all weekend, 
i came home and then  caught a cold on top of it ,so dr put me on medication and today is the first day that i have felt , like doing anything,
im still coughing  a bit , so staying home  i would love to  go to  new scrapbooking shops to see what they have, but it will have to wait .

We  got a group photo  on the last day of  camp,  and  kelly ann, asked us to do a layout by the end of the month,

i have used a combination of   Kaisers indigo skies and  one of the base coat  background  sheets,  and then  with my stash  just filled around the photo 

fishing net,  at the back of the photo  ,
good times
light house from scrapmatts

flower  stem  green tara
rocks are from  bead shop
by the sea is scrapmatts,
post card is studio light (www.studiolight.nl) Vintage  lane
buterflies from Kelly Ann Oosterbeek
bling from cheap shop
in the good times, we received  some  beads, so instead of trying to  find a home, i placed then in and added glossy accents  to it to look like rain  how clever LOL
the post card , i  type on  my computer then  put the paper  though,

well , not sure if i will get any other  challenges done this month, depending on how i feel in the next coming days ,
til next month,

have a great day.

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