Tuesday, 8 August 2017

scrapbook fantasies weekly challenge, due 13th august

http://www.scrapbookfantasies.com.au/blog/2017-weekly-challenges   colour-  baby blue

Weekly Challenge #29/2017  - Won this  challenge , my first  with this challenge  site . 

 Here it  is  - Day 8 ,  i haven't even started my  usual challenges, of course, they have been all printed out on the 1st of the month as usual,  but  at night,  when im ready for  sleep,  photos pop into  my head,   like why not  use this photo so the next day i can begin,  but nothing , am i  needing a break,  why dont i just sit outside and watch the traffic  go  by,
like  normal  old people in their rocking chair, ( dont have one)   LOL
Maybe cause i  have a room   that im sorting,   i can not think, tonight,  im going to put everything back into a box  & put it in the cupboard,  to   sort  after Christmas, im over  it ,
 that sounds like  a plan.  out of sight out of mind.

Maybe cause i've  won,  some challenges i dont feel  like i have anything left to  give? ? ?
ive accomplished that  field.  will see .
or maybe just need to get away again , Lol,  planning on that  as we speak

A  good friend, suggested , that maybe i  need a different  sort of challenge &  gave me  a  challenge site, so i went on the  site  last  night,  umm one due on the  13th august, she does weekly ones , i already do a weekly one,  (  but i do them over a few days Lol)  but its blue,
 i can not pass that up.  due sunday, so im home  Wednesday, , whats my excuse,

Wednesday-  day 9,   get out all light blue papers,  now photo, yes,   one of  me with my   nephew,  perfect, im on a roll ,lets get started,
I have stamps,  hardly ever  use them  lovely to look though,  i went to class a few months ago,  the teacher said who has stamps at home and dont use them, i meekly put up my hand,  i feel that when the teacher shows you, thats their design and i m unable to use that page again, but today, im going to  get rid of that myth,
so  most of the papers i got out, i am to put back in the cupboard,

 lets go a different way of thinking,  lets  use Stamps,  Washi Tapes, Stencils. Embossing folders.

White and light blue cardstock.
I have used  Kaiser  Bluebell  matted onto  embossed card stock
Dot  stencil,
Drew Drop Brilliance   Sky Blue ink
I always  have  to do script  in black staz on
                        Kaiser  Script stamp
                        Kaiser   paint   stamp  
                        Kaiser    not sure of the name  threw  packaging away,  it has true story,                                                            documented
Washi  tapes - blue , another  item that sits   on top of my cupboard not used,

Heart Embossing Folder, that i  bought with a card making magazine,
 i have  embossed  2 sheets  so that i could cut out  one  to  cut around  my photo, then
have inked  the 2nd  one with sky blue  ink

of course , i have to use ,  A Mothers Art  Butterflies,  just love these
from Kelly Ann Oosterbeek.
The  words you Melt my Heart is from Bo Bunny, that i  bought over  5 years ago, have used most  of the  collection for  my New Zealand   trip . now this   been used,  yaaa.

hope you enjoy   my layout, as much as i   have  today,
now maybe i might look at the tearing  challenge, it has a bit more time   to do it

until next time ,
Have a great Day
Thank  you  friend .  for  sending me  the scrapbook fantasies challenges.

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