Sunday, 8 May 2016

National Scrapbook top 50 challenge day

Thanks  National Scrapbook    day for this bright   interesting challenge.
i was going to wait til Wednesday,  to complete this , but thought,  i may be worse than i feel now &   doing these bright colours just might be the key to feeling better.
I may be scrapped deprived. LOl
I recently received  for my birthday Sweet Summertime 5th Anniversary Limited Edition by Crystal Wilkerson paper  pack, i loved the bright colours &  thought, i wonder if i will get a challenge to work with them ,

I've also used butterflies  from  Kelly-Ann Oosterbeeks from a Mothers Art ,  just love these little fellows

So here is my version, i had other thoughts when i started , but  then  it sometimes turns out a whole lot different than when one starts, i will have to see if i can get more of these papers at the next craft show coming up in June to work  with more papers.

tonight  as soon as i saw those lovely rich colours, i knew the papers i  would  use,  finding a photo to suit ight be the challenge,  but  i just opted for  our caravan ,when we  went away in February, so now can continue on  with these papers and photos  for our holiday

i will have a look at your tic tac toe  challenge, it looks interesting. something different to try


  1. Fantastic layout! Thanks for playing along! :)

  2. Fantastic layout! Thanks for playing along! :)